How to Burn Wii Games

Because Wii games are burnt onto DVD’s, people can actually burn them on their computers with DVD copiers. However, many people are unsure or unable of how to do this properly… which is why I have written this tutorial.

To burn a Wii game, you first need to have the game in ISO format. This is done either by ripping the game (transferring it to your PC if you own it) or downloading it illegally. We do not condone illegal activity and only recommend you back up your own games to keep within the law.

Once you have the ISO image of สล็อต the Wii game you wish to burn, you then need to go ahead and install a program called imgBurn. This program is a tool which copies discs and can burn discs from files. It’s a very useful tool which works very well to burn all the Wii games you could want.

To use imgBurn, you just need to download it (search for “imgBurn” on Google) and then install it. After you’ve got the program installed, you then need to open it up and then click on the “burn from ISO” button. This will look like a document pointing to a CD. Click on that button and that will bring up a new window which will ask you to open the file you want to burn. You need to browse to your PC and find the ISO file that you have for the game and select it. ISO files tell your computer what to burn to DVD / CD.

Once you’ve found the ISO file, make sure you put a blank CD or DVD into your DVD burner and then select a write speed of 4X. This is important, because if you set the speed to be too fast or too slow, you’ll actually increase he risk of the game not copying properly, ruining a perfectly good backup disc. When you’ve done that, just press “Burn” and your PC will take about 20-40 minutes to burn your game!

This is a proven way to burn your Wii games, but the problem many people have is trying to play these games on your console. This is a big problem, because you need to do some more things to your PC and console in order to let it play the games. But this method is actually one of the most reliable for burning them.


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